Featured article: How to get a book published.

If you are interested in getting published you really need a cast-iron determination. Even the best writers have had to deal with frequent rejections from literary agents and publishers, often over many years. It's a pipe-dream to think you can be published without being rejected. It's part of the course. So grit your teeth and set your eyes firmly on your goal.

If your work looks amauterish, literary agents and publishers will never give it serious consideration. The basic rules of thumb are to make sure you use size 12 Times New Roman font and double-space your manuscript. But there's more to it than that. If you really want to impress a literary agent or a publisher, and you really want to get published, take submissions seriously. At Addison & Cole we can provide a specialist consultant to look over your submission in advance and point out its strengths and weaknesses. This can be extremely valuable. Visit our services and fees for more information.

Fee: £55 per hour

Many writers find that they need more than just a one-off consultation. They want to build a relationship with an editor who knows and understands their work, and can provide regular feedback as required.

For this reason we offer an 'My Personal Editor' service. The first step is to undergo an initial consultation which is charged at the normal rates, typically £175 plus £4 per thousand words (unless you're a scriptwriter, a poet or a short story writer). Thereafter you can resubmit your work to the same editor at any time, having established the changes you have made and the type of feedback you require. The editor reads the material and writes a report for you, which is followed up by a free telephone conversation.

We have found that the key to success is keeping the relationship flexible. Every writer is unique and every manuscript is different, and for this reason our clients' requirements can be varied. So when you make a committment to us, we make a committment to you; we will endeavour to provide a personalised service as much as we possibly can, and tailor our editing to your needs.

Working with a professional editor in this way can be one of the most beneficial ways to improve your writing, since it offers you the opportunity to learn from the editor as you go along. It is certainly the closest experience you can get to being a professional writer. Contact us to discuss your project further.